A forbidden song By Rev. Lazër Shantoja

A forbidden song 

By Rev. Lazër Shantoja

Translated from E. Koliqi’s “Antologia della Lirica Albanese”, Milano, 1963, by Prof. J. Torrens, S.J. 

No, do not ask these verses of me.
Destiny forbids. Though you intoxicate
this poet, still lips must close.
His heart’s song changes to a lament.
The lyre with which I wished to gain you honor
I lay down. It cannot trill with joy
if you may not be goal to my desires
but an abstract goddess only and a Muse.
Flower for others then. I, keeping my life from
love, will pass my days, unique among poets,
remembering the kiss you gave me.
In my excile the hymn of joy I raised
to Aphrodite will come down
out of the shadow of sad cypresses.

Foto kryesore: https://sq.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laz%C3%ABr_Shantoja.

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